Friday, January 15, 2010

North Park Colorado

One of our favorite places to camp is in North Park, Colorado. It's between Fort Collins and Steamboat - near Walden (the moose viewing capitol of Colorado).

We camp near this split rail fence. In the area we can see beaver and hear the coyotes. Funny thing is, everyone brings their dogs camping, but it's amazing how quiet the dogs get once the sun sets. It's almost like they respect the wilderness and don't want to call attention to themselves from the wild once the night sets in and the coyotes start up.

It's not unusual to sleep soundly and wake to find moose tracks in your camp the next morning.

One beautiful morning in early summer we were treated to a cow moose with her calf that wandered just past this fence. The stopped to rest behind the scrub and then wandered on some more.

This painting is 8" x 10" x 1/2" and is painted on MDF Art Panel and is available here.


  1. Nice soft, painterly treatment of a lovely locale!

  2. Have only just "discovered" you work.
    So apologies fir the tardy comment!

    Absolutely agree with Joyce - 'though I don't know the locale - a beautiful - yes - painterly - treatment.