Saturday, January 23, 2010

Living with a rotten cat....

My first cat lived to be over 20 years old. He was a big old Maine Coon and he was given to me by my first roommate. Since she was Jewish, we decided to give him a Jewish name - Leviticus and called him Levi. When I married, my husband started to refer to him as my buddy and eventually his name morphed into Bud. Then we got a Sheltie - Maggie and the two became great friends. When Bud finally died, Maggie was lonely. So off to the shelter I went and came home with a side-of-the-road orphan from the Larimer County Humane Society. She is a scrappy faded calico that a K9 officer had found and brought in. Initially, the shelter had named her Ashley, which didn't suit her at all. So we re-named her Maya, which is much better suited to her aggressive nature. She's a nearly-fearless little brut that chases foxes through the neighborhood. She really hates the foxes. She's also a true pain the butt, as my husband frequently reminds me.

So, in honor of all pain-in-the-butt cats that wreck things in your daughter's room, your art studio or anywhere in the house - here is one of my favorite clips from Simon Tofield from YouTube channel Simon's Cat.

And here is Maggie - the best dog ever, who passed away a few months ago...

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