Thursday, November 11, 2010

Contempative Woman - a ceramic nude sculpture work in progress

I started this sculpt when taking Philippe Faurat's figure study class at the Sculpture Depot two months ago. If you ever have the opportunity to take Philippe's class then DO IT! He's an amazing sculptor and a hoot and a half too ;-)
So this technique is new to me - the sculpture is almost entirely solid. According to Phillipe - she'll fire just fine if REALLY DRY first. (Fingers Crossed) As I live in semi-arid Colorado, dry isn't really a problem here. I'd say that I had about 10 hours of model time on this piece and put in another 4 to 5 hours sculpting at home and she's about 80% done. I’m juggling illustrating a children's book at the moment, so I've kind of shelved her for a while and just misted her with water a few times.

This is a low-grog ceramic clay and it is 16" high. I believe that it will fire to a white finish and plan on doing a marble/stone look for the patina if she survives the firing. I'm looking forward to taking a few more hours to refine and finish before the long, slow drying process.
On another note – I may have a kiln! I’ve been looking on Craigslist for a year now and if all goes well, I should have it by next weekend….then I’ll be able to fire my pieces and be more productive – very exciting!

Next up, I’ll be showing you my first oil-based clay figure. It’s one I’m working on from a class from the Denver Art Students League with Rik Sargent as the instructor. Another terrific teacher – you really need to look at Rik’s work – his monumental bronzes are amazing and he’s been such an informative teacher – I’ll do my next post on his class and my new piece….


  1. pic 1 awesome great side view for face and shoulder perfect angle ,minor comments i have if you dont mind feet longer than it should ,the bottom in pic 4 is not quite right need more work, bottom and back pic 3 is not quite done need more work,breast not as sexy ,would love buying it if i saw something like pic 1 portion of the work .great work you should do well i will keep track of your work and hope to do business with you one day.happy holidays and good luck.

  2. Comments are always welcome. There is a bit of distortion from the photography is a work in progress. You can see the final sculpt and compare the lens distortion with newer photos on my Etsy account here:

    I'll continue sculpting and expect to improve regularly!