Monday, September 17, 2012

Correcting facial proportions in clay

 I'm back in my studio now and working on "A Good Read". Still blocking in the basic musculature and forms. While working, I could see that the lips were too close to the nose, giving too much chin to the face. So I have shown how to fix this problem.

First I took my sharp metal shaper and cut upwards towards the nose to cut the lips off. Then I removed the lips. Next I replaced the lips onto the sculpt only slightly lower.

After the lips are in place, I rolled out a small coil of clay and placed it above the upper lip to fill in the crack. Then I continued sculpting and adding more forms to the clay.

You can see that everything is very rough and that I am not concentrating on any one area. As I work on the piece I'm constantly moving around the and working front, back, side and adding clay as I go to keep the piece moving along.


  1. Good one. I do the same when it can be improved by moving up or down.. Great job Lori..

    1. I know - I love your videos, David, you just jump in there and chop away as needed - it gave me more courage to do the same. Now when I'm sculpting I have no problem lopping off ears, ripping off arms or smashing heads with blocks of wood. The carnage leads to better work and it's important not to become so attached to something you worked hard on (or more likely, overworked) that you aren't willing to make those changes.