Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feminizing the forms - more blocking in of muscle mass

 Today I began to refine the muscle shapes and feminize the entire figure. I gave some basic contouring and features to the face and continued blocking in the muscles and forms of the body.

I must say that I am really enjoying the Clayette clay by Chavant - creamy without being too sticky.


  1. hi... first i want to say thank u for ur hard effort.
    second things i am confusing >< i want to start but i don't know what clay i should use?!
    chavant or j-mac ?
    i want to make a human figure or bust head ....etc

    please need ur advise.


  2. Thank you Mahmound. Both Chavant and Jmac are very good oil based clays and it really comes down personal preference. Just bear in mind that oil based clays are not permanent... They are made to be used for casting into another medium such as plaster, resin or bronze whereas ceramic clay can be fired in a kiln and can be permanent.