Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hot Patina on Bronze Ascension

 Nearing the end of the bronze process. The final chased bronze sculpture was attached to a temporary base and washed wshed in a mixture of Potash Sulphurated (also known as Liver of Sulphur).
Then the whole thing was heated in an oven for 20 minutes. Next the patina artist, Chad, layered titanium while and other earth colors and blazed it with a torch.
Once the metal has cooled, it will be sealed with laquer and waxed an attached to the final base made of Nordic Green Granite.I should have photos of the final bronze sculpture soon!


  1. Wow. I really am enjoying seeing all your photos of the process of a bronze... I never knew how much work was involved, and how many experts work on one sculpture! Now I know why they are so expensive :]

    Thanks! Looks like it's turning out beautifully.

    1. I'd done my research and toured the foundry once years ago, so I "knew" the process...however actually going through all the steps was really eye-opening. You don't just pop a bronze out of the studio, that's for sure! Each step requires a talented and skilled artisans. There is a lot of trust involved - like making a movie, you can't do it alone and your final product is the combined efforts of many people - and several months!

      I'm trying to learn more about each area - not to do them myself, so much, as to be sure that what I design and sculpt is the best it can be - and better each time as I learn more.

  2. A superb work Lori! Congratulations on your depth! He grasped the nature of your play, lightness, fullness ...
    When the artist is the founder are one! Beautiful artistic symbiosis ♥

  3. Thanks so much - and so much more to learn!

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