Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cast sculpture miniature fox

This is the final cast piece from the mold I made of my miniature fox. You can see the original oil-based clay sculpt on my December blog. The instructions and process of how I made the mold are in the previous post.

This was cast using Smooth-On's Smooth-Cast 300 liquid plastic.

This is an easy product that is mixes compounds A+B in equal amounts. The plastic cures in a matter of minutes to a very white plastic. It demolded from the silicone very easily.

The down side is that, well, it's PLASTIC. Not my favorite substance. But this is a learning process . I painted the plastic casting using acrylics to mimic dark stone and the results are fine. I should have done a little more clean-up to the lines where the mold joins together, but for a first try at casting, I thought it came out well.

I could also pour melted wax into this mold, clean up the wax and take it to bronze at some point. We'll see ;--)


  1. had somthing simular to this, but i really like this one , has good depth to it.

  2. Thank you! My intent was to make something small and simple in a somewhat pyramidal shape to help facilitate my learning of moldmaking and casting. I started collecting quotes for casting this in bronze. I have some wax so I can try my hand casting the wax myself, another good skill to try.