Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Original clay sculpture of boy reading comics at foundry

 "Sunday Comics" 16" bronze edition of 10 - Release Date 7/23/2017

 This was such an enjoyable commission to do. I love historical things and my mother has told me stories of how she and her family gathered around the all-important radio to hear their special shows. She grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio during the Great Depression and World War II and the radio, especially in remote farm areas was a life-line to the world, the news and was often a source of comfort and company. The woman who commissioned this bronze is honoring her husband and his passion for reading and their local library. He actually learned to read by listening to the radio announcer reading the Sunday Funny papers.  This is the clay original - the 'paper' is sculpted in wax and has cartoons etched into the surface.

The sculpture measures 16" long and is currently at the foundry being cast in a bronze edition of 10. It will be mounted onto a shaped hardwood base with a turntable on the bottom for rotation of the finished sculpture. The first of this bronze edition of "Sunday Comics" is going to the Walker Branch Library in Walker, Michigan.

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