Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Danny Kaye, Eleanor Roosevelt, awards, sales and catching up

I'm way behind in blogging due to preparing for the Loveland Sculpture in the Park. I have been in the Loveland Sculpture Invitational for 3 years but this was my first year at the Sculpture in the Park show and it was a wonderful experience.

"King of Jesters" tribute sculpture to Danny Kaye was a big hit at the Sculpture in the Park show.  Most people knew who he was immediately and were excited to share their stories about how Danny Kaye's movies or work at Unicef were important to them. Especially sweet was to see how many teenage girls were familiar with him - so his legacy lives on. Hope his daughter, Dena Kaye, knows this.... other news, my original ceramic portrait sculpture of Eleanor Roosevelt won Award of Merit at the American Women Artists 17th Annual Nation Show and then sold at the Addison Gallery.

#1 of 50 forton cast edition of Eleanor Roosevelt is currently still on display at the National Sculpture Society Awards show being held at Brookgreen Gardens.

Lastly, "Waiting on the #9" bronze sold at the Loveland Sculpture in the Park show in August too. It was a special sale to a very nice man who fell in love with her on Saturday, kicked himself all the way home from the show and came back on Sunday to get her - stories like that, where your work touches somebody, makes it so worth it.

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