Friday, June 7, 2013

Sculpting Loss - off to moldmaker

Been crazy busy - lots of illustration work, daughter graduating and folks visiting!
I finished up sculpting the emotion of 'loss' and got her to the moldmaker. It was an experiment in sculpting water-based clay over armature for bronze. I really enjoy sculpting in waterclay - but with the extended time that took, it dried out several times, which is quite problematic.

Also, there was some cracking in thinner areas that will all have to be fixed each and every time in that will be a chore.

So, if I do waterclay again, it will need to be done on a faster time schedule to keep those problems at bay.

 The photos are quite awful, but I didn't have time to get better ones.Currently the sculpt is now at the mold-makers so we can get the first wax poured and off to the foundry.
15" tall x 4" wide x 15" long.

This sculpture represents the emotion of loss and pain. The base is the shadow of the woman - depicting the feeling of despair stretching ahead of us, darkening our path. The small hole in the base is her heart...


  1. Nicely done Lori.. I'm just starting an Indian girl holding a baby on her hip and rattling a toy to entertain it. Boy I need a model.. lol It's a pain trying to find one in my small town.

  2. Thanks, David. And I promised myself (which I promptly broke!) that I would be hiring a model for my work, too! Did I? No! Because it feels really weird to place and ad on Craigslist for a model! It REALLY makes a difference, though and I must steel myself to do this because the work is better and faster if I do. I, unlike you, don't have an excuse because Fort Collins is a good-sized college town, unlike tiny, but very nice, Ennis ;-)