Monday, July 23, 2012

The page-turner - maquette (clay sketch)

I created a new maquette, or clay sketch, today. This little bust has been quickly fleshed out in Jmac Classic Clay and measures about 6" from top of head to bent elbow.

The general inspiration was my daughter, a confirmed bookworm and talented writer. She often looses herself for hours at a time in her books, sometimes absently fiddling with her necklace while absorbed in the story.

The sketch is a quick gesture and I'm in love with pose already. I'll refine this a tad more just because I really want to - I may even take the sketch to bronze in this state before working on it again in a larger size for a more finished version.

The working title for this new sculpture is "The page-turner".


  1. Love this Lori... By the way... how did you get the slide show to work on your page? I love it..

    1. Thanks, David!

      As for the neat slideshow, you need to get to the "Layout" settings on your Blogger page. Look for "add a gadget" then look for "slideshow". I think you need to host the images on a photosite - I made an album of work I wanted to feature on Flikr. Then you use their slideshow gadget to select the Flikr album and set the speed. Easy Peasy!