Sunday, June 26, 2011

Figure Sculpting Demo - young dancer in ceramic clay

For the Fort Collins Studio Tour I'm doing a sculpting demo. I'll be sculpting a young dancer with an attitude using ceramic Paper Clay. Here I've just started. The armature is a steel pipe attached to a board. I've put newspaper around the steel post and wrapped that with a slab of clay. The stick are temporary supports - the clay is wet and heavy and slumps while at this stage. It will be a couple of hours before it's stiff enough to support the weight and the sticks will come out. Will be updating the sculpt all day as I progress.

Come on out toe 900 Marble Drive in Fort Collins today from 10am to 5pm to see the progress!


  1. So glad to watch you! Will check back to see more.

  2. Thanks - I'll be posting nearly every day until complete!